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October 30 2014

Just get a new iPad and curious which are the best, most must-have accessories you need get first? Want to protect that beautiful glass display, keep that aluminum back scratch-free, or just keep your battery charged on the go? Well read on for the top 10 most recommended, most must-have iPad accessories to get your started.   Best iPad accessories: Bodyguardz protective skinYou can't get much lighter than an ultra-strong, ultra-durable protective skin like Bodyguardz for your iPad. If you like the look of your iPad, don't want the bulk of a regular case, but do want to protect it from scratches and abrasions, then this is the way to go.imonomy - free enrichment tools for your site. Also check out: Case-Mate Gelli Kaleidoscope Case for iPad for protection from minor impact and a lot of color and style. Incipio SILICRYLIC Case for iPad adds shock absorbing, two piece, two color design to the mix.   Best iPad cases: Marware Eco-VueThe Marware Eco-Vue is the executive iPad case with all the trimmings. It's the Cadillac option. Eco-friendly leather exterior meets plush suede interior meets hand-strap and keyboard stand. This is the iPad case for those who mean business or want to look like they do. DODOCase for iPad brings old world style and craftsmanship to your high tech iPad. [$59.95 - DODOCase store link] Griffen Elan Passport Case for iPad adds slots for credit cards, business cards, and a place for your papers. [$47.95 - TiPb store link]   Best iPad accessories: Otterbox DefenderThe Otterbox Defender case is multilayer armor for your iPad. A hard inner shell with clear plastic protection for the screen and Apple Logo is covered by a soft rubber outer shell that covers all the buttons and ports and keeps your iPad safe from impact, abrasion, and incidental weather. It even has a kickstand you can fold up and use as a faceplate for extra protection. It's pretty only in the bulldog sense of the word but if you need to keep your iPad safe, it's also your go-to case.   Best iPad accessories: SPE Retractable Sync and Charge CableThe SPE Retractable Sync and Charge Cable is just like the standard iPad cable — USB 2.0 on one end, 30-pin dock connector on the other — but can go from 24-inches fully extended down to just 4.5-inches to easily fit in your jacket, bag, purse, or pocket. You can plug it into your WIndows or Mac PC, or into an AC adapter to charge your iPad without worrying about excess cable getting in your way. That makes it especially useful for road warriors, students, and frequent travelers.   Top iPad accessories: Griffin A-Frame for iPadThe Griffin A-Frame has high quality, aluminum construction that not only matches your iPad's good looks but makes it more convenient as well. You can either set it up easel-style to watch movies, look at photos, or follow recipes, or lay it back so it props up your iPad at a more comfortable keyboard angle.     Best iPad accessories: Freedom i-Connex MiniThe iPad has a good virtual, multitouch keyboard but if you want to pound out pages of prose, slave away on spreadsheets, or just get a lot of document work done, you're going to need some hardware keys. The Freedom i-Connex Mini connects via Bluetooth and gives you that tactile feedback while staying ultra small and ultra portable on the road, in the air, or at the coffee shop.   Best iPad accessories: Ventev PowerCELLSince iPad doesn't have a removable battery crafty accessory makers have made all sorts of different external battery packs for it, including Ventev PowerCELL. Rather than a case or dongle, the Ventev is a power pack with ports for not only iiPad's dock cable but also mini and micro USB so you can charge Bluetooth headsets and even other devices. This makes it the perfect universal power solution for travelers. mophie juicepack powerstation is an external battery pack that can charge iPad or just about anything.   Best griffin ipad 4 case: v-moda vibe duo In-Ear Stereo HeadsetThe v-moda vibe duo cram a huge audio punch into a tiny in-ear package. With amazing clarity, great noise-reduction, and a ton of drive they're a great compromise for getting high-end quality at lower-end prices. They've also got a microphone so you can not only rock, but use them for VoIP calls, recording, and more. Also check out: Apple In-Ear Headpohones with Remote and Mic are also great quality at a good price and perfect for Apple purists. maximo iMetal Isolation Stereo Headset are for those who don't want to spend a ton of cash on their headsets but still want a ton of music for their money. Stereo Bluetooth headset: Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HD Best griffin ipad 4 case: Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HDMotorola's MOTOROKR S9-HD makes a great product better with better audio quality and full 3D immersion. If you like the behind-the-head style of headset, you won't find better — or more booming! — than the S9-HD. Also check out: IPAD 4 case for kids are a great, lower cost alternative that still sound terrific for the price. Jawbone JAMBOX aren't a headset but they are a fantastic sounding speakerphone that pounds out music like nobody's business. Amazing extras: Pogo Sketch Stylus best iPad accessories: Pogo Sketch stylusSteve Jobs might not think much of the stylus but for artists or just cold climates they can let you do everything from painting fantastic works of art to staying IPAD 4 case for kids with your arctic mittens on. Pogo Sketch comes in pink or silver, is light weight, and has a handy clip to keep it from getting lost.
Because of the aluminium finish, there's a very high chance that your samsung laptop will be scratch quite easily, so you're going to need a samsung laptop case for it. Since there are so many choices that are available to choose from, you can often find the style of laptop case that is going to suit your personality. laptop cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the type of laptop. To get the best qualities of SAMSUNG 10.1 case, it will be much beneficial to select a model that will be offering wonderful durability aspects. If you have ever kept an eyes on the samsung laptop case in the marketing, you will find that there are basically four types of iPhone cases: plastic, leather, rubber and metal. If you are looking for maximum protection against accidental drops and bumps, a rubber case will perform better than the others. Plastic case must the cheapest ones. Plastic cases can look very pretty in many different colors and can be manufactured real thin, but beware that they provide little protection against falls and hits. Leather case is mostly durable, but also more expensive than others. Metal cases are designed for people who have a very active life and can easily abuse the device. Since there are different sizes that are available and you should fit the SAMSUNG 10.1 case within the case, it is imperative to choose the right size. If it is too large, your computer could move around which can result in damage to the electronic components. It it is too small, you may scar the computer case while attempting to force it into the storage space. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGKUJOK ; Brands and quality will often determine the price of a laptop case. The device inside the case can we worth several hundred dollars so it may be wise to invest a little more money into buying one that is reliable. Usually, the prices of samsung laptop case are very affordable and reasonable considering the protection the cases provide. Do some homeworks before going for your SAMSUNG 7.0 case. Make sure you are getting the case that meets you the very best so you will not have regrets afterwards.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 really does look enormous and its operating system is fantastic, if you are fortunate enough to have the Galaxy Tab then you should check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 casethat will help you keep the Galaxy Tab in first-rate condition with a protective case.   Cheap Tablet Computer Accessories - Having the Right Choice Without Spending Too Much To guard the tab against knocks and bumps by providing it with some spring back factor then look no further than the cases from Samsung galaxy tab 7.7 case wholesale. These SAMSUNG 10.1 case are easy to fit as they just extend around the back cover and sides of the tab and provide it with an extra bit of protection; it will take the scrapes and scratches of everyday use and help keep dust and dirt absent from your exquisite new toy. If you are after a leather galaxy tab 7.7 cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 then my top pick for these are the Galaxy Tab leather Case. These Samsung cases are finished to an elevated spec and look not only sleek but also cool. Galaxy tab 7.7 leather case comes in a range of great burly colors that work really well and the booklet-designed case provides front and rear protection. These Samsung Tab cases open out to divulge four corner tabs that allow your tablet to slide neatly into, these then hold the tab in place and keep it there securely. When you are not using the SAMSUNG 10.1 case then just seal the front cover and there you are the Galaxy tab case is shielding it just the way it has needed. For those who are possibly more accident-prone then you might like to look at the Neoprene Tab cases from galaxy tab 7.7 tab covers. Water resistant cases are just right and provide some impact protection because the neoprene is quite thick (though I do not suggest dropping it to find out). This Water resistant cases not only fits the Tablet inside but also has space for all your Samsung accessories in the front pocket. These Galaxy cases also come in a cool range of colors to assure everyone's individual style. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGKUJOK The case for the SAMSUNG 7.0 case from galaxy tab 7.7 cover wholesale keeps the tablet well defended at all times. You can place it inside your bag without the need of added protection. The silicone plugs do their job fine in keeping dust away from the slots. The screen protector does need some enhancement to be more precise. The middle of the touch screen works just find but when you touch the edges, the receptiveness of the screen is lessened. You need to touch a soft button twice to get the correct respond.
If you are in the market for a Galaxy Mini 2 case, then you are spoilt for choice. The samples below are but some of the cases that you can essentially adorn your Galaxy Mini 2 case with: The leather case for Samsung Horizontal Pouch type. As the name suggests this is a case that allows entry to it via the horizontal position. The design of the pouch allows the Galaxy to slide in via the right direction. The pouch comes in black color and has a metallic buckle that straps fast onto the phone once fastened. The case retails for the price of $ 30. The leather case for SAMSUNG 10.1 case type. This is a Samsung case that resembles a book case. The phone is stored by simply laying it in the case. The phone is fastened in the pouch by a magnetic brace that acts as a button. Retailing for the price of $ 30, this is a case that comes in color black. The leather case for SAMSUNG 10.1 case type. As the name suggests this is a case that opens up by flopping. The back casing supports the base of the phone, and to ensure that the phone does not slide from its casing, it is strapped by a fastener that forms part of the case. This case comes in black color , and retails for the price of $ 30. The leather case for SAMSUNG 7.0 case Vertical pouch type. As the name suggests, the entry position into this pouch is vertical. The casing comes with an additional accessory – a belt clip. The case comes in color black , and it has an attractive embroidery to it. Retailing for the price of $ 30, this is a case that  could be termed as all season. There is also a vertical pouch design that you can purchase without having the option of getting the vertical pouch design that comes minus the belt clip. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGKUJOK The ultra screen protector for Samsung. This casing is transparent. Retailing for the price of $ 12, this is a casing that ensures that you get to sample the beauty of this phone minus the encumbrances that are hoisted when you have a very visible, and somewhat heavy case.   These are but some of the cases that are available to the individual who is in the market for a Samsung case.  All the cases listed here (with the exception of the ultra screen protector for Samsung) are made from pure leather, which has its inherent advantages. A long productive life that could potentially see the case outlive the phone. Sturdy material that ensures that the phone has more than a superficial protection from scratches and falls. And magnetic buttons that strap the folds of the casing to each other. This is the legacy that you essentially get when you elect to purchase a genuine leather case for the SAMSUNG 7.0 case.
Having an iPod, iPhone, IPAD AIR case for kids or laptop is pretty common and the gift choices this holiday season seem endless. The Dexim P-Flip ($69.95) is a multi-functional charging device but also acts as a stand for both vertical and horizontal display of an iPhone (4, 3Gs or 3G). When not in use, it easily fits in a pocket; when opened it has a dock so the device can slide into a 2,000mAh rechargeable battery. Dexim states that the battery, which will charge via USB (cable included), gives users up to six hours to talk time, 40 hours of music or up to 10 hours of video watching. Having your device docked enables easy movie viewing or hands-free access to an endless number of apps. A thermoplastic polyurethane case with an antiglare screen protector is included. Dexim's Supercharged Leather Power Case is another choice for power and protection. In addition to storing the device in the dark-black leather case, an iPhone/iPod will also get a power assist with the built-in 2,000mAh rechargeable laptop battery. This gives users the same extended battery life as the P-Flip and has an on/off switch on the bottom. Charging and syncing is also done via USB and all the phone's features are accessible while in the case. Winter weather can cause havoc for anyone trying to use a portable device. To the rescue come Etre Touchy gloves. The gloves are made without thumb and index fingertips, enabling users to keep their hands warm and have access to touch screens, buttons or even milking cows as suggested in a recent press release. The gloves are made with 100 percent lamb's wool, come in many colors and are sized small, medium and large. Griffin Battery Technology seems to have every solution for powering, playing and controlling any of the Apple devices while in a car. The PowerJolt plus  12-volt accessory socket car charger supplies the power from the car's 12V port, but also gives users a second port for an addition car charger for another device. A coiled cable with a HDX 7 case at the end is attached to the PowerJolt for easy connection to a device. At the end of the PowerJolt is a cover, which opens up to allow the second charger to be connected. With the extra port, digital cameras, cell phone, GPS units or anything needing power can be charged. Griffin's ipad MINI case for kidse   device lets users talk on an iPhone in the all-important hands-free manner, while powering or charging with the car's 12V charging port. A case-friendly cradle holds the device in place and has a plug attached for the charging. It also comes with an AUX/Mic cable for connection to a car stereo for listening to the player's contents or phone call. The caller hears you through the cable's microphone. The Lapdesk also has a pair of built-in stereo speakers that connect to the computer via USB. Users adjust the sound volume with controls built right in on the upper right side of the desk. All this is done software-free and without the need of a laptop ac adapter cord or batteries since it draws the power from the computer.  
The little English-language bookstore was a treasure-trove of ideas and excitement. We were an American family living in Mexico City for a few years, learning a new culture and exploring our neighborhood. My young kids were just beginning to love books and the Kindle had yet to be invented.   The store was called Libros, Libros, Libros and conveniently located next to a Santa Clara ice cream shop with the best coffee ice cream I'd ever had. We idled away a lot of Sunday afternoon there, buying Junie B. Jones for my daughter and Star Wars books for my son. W.E.B. Griffin's nearly endless military and police fiction series for my husband. Design books so I could figure out how to decorate Mexican style. The kids are grown and in college now, yet they still talk about our Sunday trips for books and ice cream. But the magic of bookstores is waning, it would seem. Dramatic changes in the publishing industry have impacted the way authors get their books to readers. Traditional book publishing and retail models have been battered by the rise of online retailers. The ebook revolution has given us more books to choose from, but all too often good books are lost in the virtual churn. Many brick-and-mortar bookstores, including the US-based Borders chain, have closed in recent years, unable to compete or adjust. Will we see more closings in the years to come, or will bookstores innovate in order to stay relevant and solvent? I've been asking this question of authors, book bloggers, store owners and publishers. This article is the first in a 5-part series featuring responses from each group. The next article, with blogger responses, will be published in February 2014. For this first article, I reached out to fellow authors and was amazed at the variety of responses. Read on for some surprising views on the future of the bookstore. (Note: comments arranged in alphabetical order by author last name, so yes, I got to go first.) Carmen Amato, author of THE HIDDEN LIGHT OF MEXICO CITY and the EMILIA CRUZ mystery series   The ebook format, driven by Amazon's Kindle platform and subscription services like Oyster, will become the industry standard for books that are mostly text. As a result, bookstores will no longer derive a significant percentage of revenue from fiction. Bookstores that survive will increasingly focus on non-fiction books that don't lend themselves to ebook formats, such as manga/comics, design (art, photography, shelter) books, cookbooks, science and technology volumes, etc, as well as vintage books for collectors. Bookstores will also have to rethink their spaces because they simply won't be able to afford the square footage. Successful ones will partner imaginatively with other retailers, such as art galleries, clothing boutiques, kitchen stores, and even gaming stores to sell wares in shared spaces arranged to provide an optimal sensory experience that is unavailable online. The key will be to curate the books on offer to match the partners' products and target the same customer. Other partnerships could be with hotels or museums. Bookstores will use their spaces to host events and be part of a local community. To make this happen, however, traditional book distribution has to change and become more flexible. Store owners have a universe of books to choose from, but as long as they are tied to an inflexible distribution system, they'll be unable to offer books which could help keep them afloat. Article author. G.G. Atcheson, author of THE LEGACY: FATE Bookstores will become small kiosks like the ones that sell print pictures on demand. Users will go to those places to order a print of their favorite book(s) in the format and size of their choice. They will also bring people together to talk about those books over a hot cup of coffee. Via website comment form, 5 November 2013. Susan M. Boyer, author of the Liz Talbot Mystery Series including LOWCOUNTRY BOIL and LOWCOUNTRY BOMBSHELL   Independent bookstores [will] leverage strong customer relationships and serve as social hubs for book lovers, offering meeting space for book clubs, luncheons with author speakers, and other opportunities for readers to connect and spend time with friends who share an interest in books. I also believe the staff of these stores will continue to provide personal service, an area in which they've traditionally excelled. Online sales of autographed books are another avenue some stores are already pursuing. Via website comment form, 11 November 2013. Dale Brown, author of 21 action-adventure "techno-thriller" novels including FLIGHT OF THE OLD DOG, SILVER TOWER, DAY OF THE CHEETAH, HAMMERHEADS, and the DREAMLAND series.   I haven't been in a bookstore to buy a book since I discovered Amazon Books in 1996. I don't think book sales will be much affected by whatever happens to brick-and-mortar bookstores because it's so easy and convenient to get a book these days, and with the Internet you don't need to browse through a bookstore's shelves to find a new release from a favorite author--Facebook, Twitter, a Web site, or the blogosphere will inform you. My Mom and my in-laws would certainly have disagreed with me and continued going to bookstores or Wal-Mart every couple weeks to see what's new...until they got their Kindles. Now their e-readers are constant companions, getting a book is as simple as pressing a button, and all they want for Christmas is an Amazon gift card so they can buy more books to download! I know and recently met many people at the La Jolla Writer's Conference who simply love books and bookstores, and little neighborhood independent booksellers who cater to their customers with comfortable chairs, plenty of light, booksignings, e-mails about new releases and events, and maybe some coffee will always be favorites. Of course big bookstores can have this too, but driving to a crowded mall and getting lost in a multi-story maze is not my idea of fun. In an age of digital everything, ultra-realistic video games, and 3-D movies, I think folks will still want to read, so us authors won't be out of a job just yet. Besides, someone has to write the scripts and advertising copy for all those games and movies, right? Email to author, 8 November 2013. Diane Capri, author of the HUNT FOR JACK REACHER series, including DON'T KNOW JACK and GET BACK JACK   As you can imagine, the topic is one of intense interest and importance to writers and readers alike. Bookstores are magical places and keeping them alive and healthy is good for all of us. It is challenging to operate a bookstore, particularly if the owners need to make a profit. Many bookstores are started as a labor of love. Sometimes, the owners are not focused on making money as much as creating a pleasurable experience for themselves and others. In my view, successful bookstores of the future must not focus on price and delivery. These two features are rarely, if ever, going to favor the brick and mortar store over the online store. Where physical bookstores can excel is in customer service, unique experiences, and specialized inventory not easily or readily obtainable to customers. Author appearances, signed first editions, reader/customer centric offerings and more will create customer loyalty. After all, customer loyalty is what keeps us coming back to our favorite stores everywhere, isn't it? Email to author, 15 November 2013. Bernard Cornwell, author of the RICHARD SHARPE adventure series, THE STARBUCK CHRONICLES series, THE GRAIL QUEST series, and other historical action novels   My fear is that bookshops will go the way of music shops, which would mean the end of the big chains and the ‘hold on by your fingertips' survival of a few specialist dealers. Already much of the book trade has moved into supermarkets, and I suspect that trend will continue, which is sad because the big supermarkets will only stock a limited range of titles – a very limited range. But we are inexorably headed into digital books and the pace will quicken, and that also puts into question the role of publishers, god bless them. How do you publicize books in the digital age? I don't know. I'm just glad I started writing 35 years ago when bookshops were the main route to a reader's consciousness. My guess is that ‘social media' will be the primary means of drawing attention to books which exist only in electronic form – and people who want physical copies will use ‘print-on-demand'. Email to author, 20 November 2013. L. H. Davis III, author of THE EMPORIUM, OUTPOST EARTH, ALIEN RENDEZVOUS   Start with the B&N motif: WiFi, food, drink, and the aroma of real books. Add: Online booths, private coves, and stuff it all in an English pub, which holds beer and wine tastings on weekends and book promotions. Add: Video cove/wall for E-book advertisements and promotions. Via website comment form, 5 November 2013. Kristin Elise, author of THE VESUVIUS ISOTOPE and the KATRINA STONE novels   Even traditional publishers now expect authors to heavily self-promote, and this grass-roots marketing is fast becoming the new industry driver. We see more and more examples of books becoming best-sellers without any real backing by a big publishing house. So, as authors become more savvy at selling their own work, I think that readers will increasingly get into the habit of going to a bookstore to request a book that they heard a lot about, rather than going into the bookstore just to browse and then buy what they see. This, in turn, could change the content of bookstores: Instead of every bookstore worldwide containing basically the same selection, I would imagine that different bookstores could adopt a "regional" flavor, filling up with the works of authors who are popular in that geographic area - local authors, books set in that location, or who otherwise call attention to the region. Wouldn't that be fun? Via website comment form, 12 November 2013.   I think they will become smaller but service a niche, perhaps as far as specializing in only a few genres. Readers are still social and e-book buying does not fulfill our sensory needs. I can see bookstores with arm chairs, coffee service and nooks to discuss what you are reading in a small intimate atmosphere. Via website comment form, 5 November 2013. Tim Grahl, author of YOUR FIRST 1000 COPIES: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book   Bookstores of the future will be what record stores are now. While there will still be people that like to buy and read print books, they will be a collectors item more than the main way books are consumed. While I have a nostalgic connection to print books, my kids (and especially their kids) won't. Email to author, 5 December 2013   Brick and Mortar locations cannot compete through attempting to provide the same, dollar-based offering that drives the online retailers. The bookstore of the future will, by its very nature, become a focal point and destination for like-minded individuals to gather, share cherished moments, and revel in the company of great books. Warm, comfortable settings, in smaller, intimate locals with inviting chairs and couches for sitting and reading, will entice and attract the readers of the future as they search for the coziness and sanctuary that is to be found only between the covers of a great book. Via website comment form, 7 November 2013. Guy Kawasaki, author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book; ENCHANTMENT: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions; and 10 other non-fiction books   I really don't know about the future of bookstores. The future of books, however, is going to be tablets and pads other than coffee-table books. It's hard to imagine that people will go to stores to buy ebooks, but there's more to a bookstore than just buying books—e.g., socializing, eating, and listening to authors. Email to author, 12 November 2013. Joe Konrath, author of the JACK DANIELS series, the CODENAME: CHANDLER series, and other fast action thrillers [I predict] the end of Barnes & Noble as we know it. In 2014, paper book sales will no longer be significant enough to sustain the nation's largest bookstore chain. There may be bankruptcy and restructuring and the selling of assets (like the Nook), but ultimately it will result in many stores closing, and possibly the demise of the brand . . . http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JDHQV4K Indie bookstores will need to start selling self-pubbed books, or perish. Paper isn't going away anytime soon. But there won't be enough of a legacy supply that will keep the necessary number of diverse titles on shelves to make indie stores a worthwhile destination for shoppers. If indie bookstores deal directly with self-pubbed authors, and print their own copies to sell in their stores, they can build inventory and cut out the share normally taken by publishers. "Konrath's Publishing Predictions 2014," IPAD 4 case for kids, 28 December 2013.   While technology has advanced, there is always something special about the feel of paper between my fingers and the sound of the pages rubbing together as they flip. The smell of an old yellowed tome makes me sneeze, but the sensory memories that come with that aroma remind me so much of my childhood. What will spur memories of a great book for our children when they grow to be as old as we are now? Does an IPAD 4 case for kids have a smell? Will the speaker emit a whoosh as the page on the screen turns? The brick-and-mortar bookstore is a place to spend a few hours, a destination when the mood struck one to read something interesting and entertaining. It is full of items you never knew you wanted to read until you turned down a random aisle and found it beckoning you to open its cover and get lost in its pages. Without these, where will authors sign a first edition? Will author visits be conducted over Skype or podcasts only? Will print editions of books even exist in a 10 years? I think some sort of brick-and-mortar venue must still exist no matter where technology takes us, whether that be a corner independent bookstore where authors still come to read excerpts of their work, or coffee shops with free wi-fi where readers can sit and enjoy a warm beverage. I would hate for these to ever go away! Email to author, 12 November 2013. Elizabeth A. Martina, author of the forthcoming true crime story THE RAGMAN MURDERS   Brick and mortar stores will have fewer paper books and more kiosks where books will be featured in ebook format. The books will be able to be downloaded to the customers ereaders or computers at the store. Via website comment form, 5 November 2013 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K63XW9C Bob Mayer, author of the SHADOW WARRIORS series, the GREEN BERETS series, the AREA 51 series and numerous other action-adventure titles   Bookstores?  Like publishers, agents and others in the business, most failed to have a strategic business plan. Did they watch what happened to music stores starting in 2001 when digital tsunamied that industry?  No. For the future? Embrace genre authors. Frankly, the snobbish attitude I've encountered over the years from many indie stores leaves me unconcerned about their future as they were unconcerned about mine. Can they change that attitude in time? Will they order and rack POD books via Createspace from authors like me and others who've embraced the future? Or will they whine that Amazon is their deadly enemy and continue that futile, and stupid, battle? As Jeff Bezos said: "Complaining is not a strategy." The bottom line is that authors will totally support bookstores when that support is extended the other way. Email to author, 4 December 2013.   The bookstore of the future will offer both an online and a bricks and mortar presence, combining the ease of Amazon with the carefully curated selection of an independent bookstore. It will be a haven to go and read, and to select good quality books, either in physical copy or digitally, however the customer prefers to read. It will mimic the immersion of the reading experience-- what makes reading truly magical-- and wrap that into the browsing experience. Via website comment form, 7 November 2013. Brian Meeks, author of the HENRY WOOD DETECTIVE series, A TOUCH TO DIE FOR, and other mystery titles   I like the idea you mentioned of ebook Kiosk combined with coffee house feel. I love paper books, but reading them has become more hassle than it's worth. Most of what I read now, I read on my Kindle app on my phone. It's always with me and is easy. Still, if bookstores were a place to hang out, then I'd gladly make my ebook purchases through them. From an author's standpoint, I'd rather people bought Kindle versions, but it would be nice if they bought them through a kiosk at a bookshop. Via website comment form, 11 November 2013. Sandra Nikolai, author of the Megan Scott/Michael Elliott Mystery series including FALSE IMPRESSIONS and FATAL WHISPERS   The future bookstore will provide a well-lit space, comfortable chairs, a coffee bar, informed staff, and online shopping for e-books and physical books. Bookstores will partner with the community to promote local author events and other cultural events. Purchase incentives: individual and group discounts, periodic sales, and availability of other items like paper products and artwork. Via website comment form, 11 November 2013. Ann Patchett, author of BEL CANTO, STATE OF WONDER, THIS IS THE STORY OF A HAPPY MARRIAGE, and other titles   There's this feeling that Amazon is killing the bookstore. And the eBook has gotten an enormous amount of press, to the point where people are saying, ‘So I guess it's over.' And it's like, ‘No, it's not.' I'm standing up and saying no, the book is alive, the bookstore is alive. I am speaking for bookstores all across the country. These people are my friends. These are the people who welcome me into their stores for readings, who take me home and cook me dinner and let me sleep in their guest rooms. These people have made me, made my career, made me what I am. So now I can say, ‘Go and support your local bookstore.' What an enormous privilege that is for me.  Time Entertainment interview, 25 November 2011.   The future bookstore will offer digital and print options whereby people have a choice of buying a digital copy if a print copy is unavailable and vice-versa. Some may opt for both. Every author and publisher regardless of independents or major brand names have equal access to the same pool of readers/buyers. Via website comment form, 5 November 2013.   Surveys show that only one third of people who purchase books from bookstores walk in with that intention. The bookstore of the future like art galleries and boutiques will have to provide products, services and experiences---readings, classes--- that are unique, rare, and highly-curated, so that customers react with strong impulses to make purchases lest those objects, in this case books, be unavailable later. Self-publishers could take advantage of this by offering the content of their novel cheaply on Amazon while offering signed, exquisitely produced books through niche bookstores. Via website comment form, 11 November 2013. Matthew Wayne Selznick, author of THE CHARTERS DUOLOGY: TWO NOVELS OF THE SOVEREIGN ERA, including BRAVE MEN RUN and PILGRIMAGE   We have another chance to realize the dream of the Third Place with the bookstore of the future by placing the emphasis on building community around a love of books and other entertainment and information products. Until the industry abandons the returns cycle, the bookstore of the future can offset operating costs by taking advantage of just-in-time and on-demand technology like the Espresso Book Machine, as well as the buying and browsing habits of Generation Y (the largest book-buying demographic). Email to author, 6 November 2013.   Future bookstores will be a blend of traditional and indie published/ printed books with each having their own half of the store. I believe there will also be an e-book section as well with cover art and flap copy for readers to browse, and an ability to purchase the work in the store. Once book stores open themselves to signings by all authors, and develop a comfortable environment to relax in, readers will want to visit more. Via website comment form, 11 November 2013.   It would be nice to retain the old time charm of a traditional bookstore in the digital world. After all, a bookstore isn't just a place to sell reading materials. It is a swimming pool for the soul. Via website comment form, 7 November 2013.
It's really no doubt -- there are various of various lifestyles that individuals choose to reside. Some people invest most of a full day being inactive and others prefer to get out-and-about all day long. Whether your lifestyle may be the one you've always imagined, it is what it's - as well as your iPhone 4 ought to be protected correctly. Today, let's consider the most popular apple Best iPhone Cases that may support any kind of rough-and-tough lifestyle -- and get it done with design! This case isn't new and there's a reason for which. The Otterbox Defensive player for apple iPhone 4 is one of the top selling iPhone Skin Case of all time. This example is tried and tested, and certainly won't allow any customer down. Using its hearty width, there is Zero percent opportunity that your apple iPhone 4 will be susceptible to damage. People who live the actual on-the-go type way of life, usually likewise need their telephone to be useful within a second's discover. The Otterbox Defensive player makes this particular possible using its accompanying holster/belt cut. Just cut this child to your pant cycle or buckle and it will continually be available. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EF0GYWY Griffin Heir SportClip for apple iPhone 4 Just launched, the Griffin Heir case with regard to iPhone 4 offers launched by itself to the top from the " Best iPhone Cases " checklist. It's not hard to inform that this is actually Griffin's version from the Otterbox Defender. It's a highly-durable grip case just like the Defensive player, and leaves absolutely no room for the iPhone to become exposed to harm. Just to illustrate exactly how strong this example actually is, the fabric it is made from actually exceeds the Ough.S. Division of Defense's requirements. This is the just Leather Case for iPhone4S to exceed such firm standards. The actual Griffin Survivor will come in black as well as pink. The actual overly-protective cases do not stop using the iPhone 4. The most recent trend within griffin ipad 4 case as well as iPad 2 cases are re-invented types of these well-liked Shell Case for iPhone 4. There is now a good Otterbox Defender case for apple ipad and apple ipad 2, as well as a Griffin Heir case. Much like your apple iPhone 4, your apple ipad is definitely an useful device -- which is sufficient reason to purchase one of these kinds of cases for this. If you do decide upon a case for apple ipad, be sure that you identify the added mass it is going to increase the device. A few iPad customers like to maintain their apple IPAD 4 case for kids devices within thin case - to help keep it in keeping with the way it was created

September 30 2014

Love this case! I have small children, and this product is protecting my Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 CASE FOR KIDS wonderfully. It is a softer rubberized foam type of product (not hard plastic as it looks like in the photo). I purchased the bright blue one - and the kids love it. The black one would definitely look sleeker if you need the child-type extra-protection for your tablet but don't have any children ;) As shown in the photo, you can easily carry the product or bend the handle to use it as a stand. Definitely cushions the TAB 4 CASE FOR KIDS in the event the tablet is dropped. The tablet is buried into the case, so even if it hit the floor face down, there's plenty of cushioning to avoid damaging the screen.galaxy tab 4 for kids case  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGH7XCY

 Purchased this for a friends daughter for her birthday and she loves it. Makes her feel cool carrying her ipad so all can see and parents are happy because as we all know those ipads are expensive so spending a few bucks to protect and keep it nice is well worth it. Plus I did not have to go out to the stores and shop and try to figure out what to buy an 11 year old girl.ipad 4 case for kids

The camera and speaker flaps pull out and rotate out of the way so you can use them. The speaker flap doesn't HAVE to be moved in order to hear the sound, but it does muffle/distort/soften the sound when left in place. Obviously the rear facing camera one would need to be moved in order to use it.

Secure ipad 4 case for kidshttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K5N5FC0


It doesn't feel like much on it's own. I was skeptical about how well it would really protect our IPad, but this is the perfect case for clumsy and careless kids! My daughter has dropped this several times onto the wood and tile floors with no problems. She even knocked it down the stairs the other day!

 This case fit the ipad 4 case for kids perfectly and its not top heavy like the kids safe version. stay away from the ipad 4 CASE for kids

The only complaints I really have are that the headphone jack is a little difficult to access, and volume isn't always great with the bulky cover over it, but it's generally not an issue. I highly, highly recommend this ipad case! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K5N5FC0

September 29 2014


Whoever owns ipad air case needs to pay attention now, how can you protect your beloved Ipad from damage while show off its fashion and charming? Ipad has already pushed out a lot of protective cases; after all, holding so expensive one, who dare say his hands won't be slipping?

Remember how stunning when Jobs pulled out Macbook Air from the leather envelope (recalling the classical action), now, iPad can use a smaller envelope. Here, a series of cow leather IPad envelopes are recommended. Inside, there is very delicate suede lining, which can save wiping cloth for the screen fingerprint (if the Ipad is dirty, just put it into the case and then take out clean one!). A riot of Colors brings great taste of summer. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGC4LWE

This type of leather bag is comparatively luxury, about 300 U.S. dollars, suitable for middle-class;

GUCCI Salvatore Ferragamo has also pushed out fashion ipad 5 case protective case http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K5N5FC0  with British style for middle-aged people, and the price is between 290 and 360 U.S. dollars. It seems more appropriate to give Mom and Dad...... ah, any trendy parents who are using IPad?

Canvas bags are more suitable for people in favor with outdoor activities.

Besides the fashion taste of this design of iSkin Duo, the most important thing is the special anti-bacteria silicone gel; if you do not want your IPad case to be the dust and bacteria collector, this one with price of 50 dollars will be a good choice. Large numbers of cheap silica gel protective cases are spreading on the market, but poor workmanship, not only make your iPad look a circle fatter, but also seriously reduce the iPad texture.

Apple Tablet PC Ipad screen protector offers a variety of optional styles and designs.

Splendid IPAD AIR CASE FOR KIDS screen protector applies imported special ethylene thin-film material; the wholly new manufacturing craft has the dual function of protecting outer skin and beautifying the appearance, making the picture lifelike and texture. With anti-friction, water resistance, anti-scratching, fidelity and other characteristics, this screen protector can maintain the surface color over 3-5 years.

Product attributes:

1. Waterproof, dust-proof, anti-scratch, anti-crash, can effectively protect digital equipment from scratches or wear.

2. Well-made, stylish designs, beautiful colors, fully demonstrate the personality.

3. Using special adhesive, this is easy to remove without leaving adhesive stains and can be replaced with your mood freely.

4. Apply imported thin-film material, with no bubbles and folds when pasting.

5. Tailored for your digital devices, no need of cutting, easy to paste.

Splendid iPad screen protector has high convenience so anyone can complete paste operation on their own; during the pasting process, there won't be bubbles, while when being removed, the gel will not be attached to the substrate, leaving no trace and glue stains. But note that when removing the screen protector, you need to do it slowly, trying not too hard or too fast to cause the film tensile deformation.

Kids tablet cases are designed with children in mind where TAB 4 CASE FOR KIDS protection requirements as slightly different from normal. They are typically made as oversized, colorful and playful as any other toy. The materials used for tablet case for kids are most commonly either solid, hard plastic or some kind of rubber/foam to cushion against everyday damage. Safety is paramount with children's TAB 4 CASE FOR KIDS so the cases come without any detachable small pieces. Check below for a selection of best kids cases reviews.

My colleague Alan Buckingham reviewed the Kindle Fire HDX 7 CASE over the weekend. I too have been testing the new HDX variants of Amazon's tablets and share many of my colleague's sentiments. However, for me, one of the most intriguing things about the tablets is not a feature but an associated accessory -- the Origami Case.

If you aren't familiar with the word origami, it is an ancient Japanese art form involving paper-folding. One of the typical clichéd objects to represent with origami is a crane (the bird, not the construction equipment). However, the number of objects to create is limited only by your imagination. Heck, you've probably done origami and never realized it -- ever make a paper airplane in school? Well, it turns out you were an artist; not a troublemaker!

Since Amazon's tablets are generally focused on consuming media, it only makes sense to prop it up for optimal viewing. However, the user will likely want to protect it with a case too. While the company could have designed a case with a basic kickstand, it chose a more creative approach with the Origami Case.

Much like the aforementioned art form, it allows you to fold the front flap to create an improved media experience -- when you fold it up to be a kickstand, the magnets hold it all in place. The end result is a funky fortune-cookie-like appearance. This allows you to place it on a nightstand, kitchen table or anywhere that you want to watch video. The kickstand even works in both portrait and landscape modes without additional manipulation.

Not only does the case improve video consumption, but audio quality too. You see, the tablet's stereo speakers are located on the rear. Sadly, this causes the sound to be projected away from the user. The origami case is designed to redirect the audio at the user. And boy-oh-boy, does it ever work. When watching Dr. Who on Amazon Prime, the audio was magnificent -- the best I have heard on any tablet.

While the Origami Cases for the HDX CASE FOR KIDS and 8.9-inch tablets are mostly identical, the larger one has an additional feature. Both tablets have a front camera, but the bigger one has a rear camera too. Seemingly, the case blocks the camera, and it does, but that is a good thing as it protects the lens. You can slide the tablet upwards to expose the camera. Like magic, this action launches the camera app. It is a really cool feature, which some will argue is gimmicky. To them, I would say the lens protection makes their argument moot.

While features are great, the most important aspect of a case is protection. After all, if the case doesn't protect your investment, what is the point? I am happy to say that the Origami Case offers optimal protection. The plastic used is extremely hard and durable. The case is like a tank -- you can be confident that your Kindle Fire HDX CASE is well protected.

Sadly, this protection comes at a cost. When coupled with the actual device, you are going from a surprisingly light tablet, to a brick. While this would normally be problematic, the device is remarkably easy to remove from the case. You see, Amazon chose to utilize magnets here too, to secure the device to the case. This makes the tablet easy to separate from the case when it is not needed.


Besides the weight, the only other downside is the price. The 7-inch case is $49.99, while the 8.9-inch is $54.99 (for an additional $15 you can upgrade to leather). This is a lot of money to ask to protect a fairly inexpensive tablet. I would like to see Amazon reduce the cost by about $20.00.

So, should you buy it? Absolutely. True, it is expensive, but you get what you pay for; it is durable, functional and looks darn good too. If you are buying into the HDX experience and Amazon ecosystem, you might as well go all-in and buy the official Origami Case. My suggestion? Forgo the leather option and save some cheddar. Recommended.


Peruvian virgin human hair is one of the most sought after form of extensions that is being widely used in the world today to give a bouncy and voluminous look. In this article, the author would be majorly discussing the benefits or the advantages of using Peruvian Wholesale virgin hair instead of any other form of extension that is available in the market. Even the author tells the reader how to find a professional stylist in Atlanta without losing a lot of time or getting unnecessarily stressed or tensed.

Before we move any further, we shall first discuss the need and definition of extensions used in human tresses these days. These artificial or natural strands are being attached to the scalp of the client throughout the world to fulfil various styling purposes. Basically when any stylist or hairdresser recommends extension to his or her client, they mean to give their client a look in which artificial or natural strands are added to the already existing tresses. This procedure is usually followed by the stylist to give the client a bouncier and voluminous look. It is also sometime done to make the locks look longer or to even add strands of different colour in the original locks.

Probably a few years back it was usually very difficult for men and women both to find an experienced and professional stylist for themselves. They actually ran from pillar to post to find a stylist in Atlanta. Nut fortunately those days have passed by now men and women can find a stylist in Atlanta or anywhere in the world, just by the click of a mouse. Today the World Wide Web is full of website of various salons and parlour which offer their services at the most affordable rate. These websites also allow clients to book their appointment online and also choose their stylist. All these comforts have made the beauty and fashion industry becomes a part of the daily life of people all around the world. http://www.lokshair.com/

Most stylists and professionals working with the hair of a client give the advice of extensions when they feel that the bounce and volume which should be present ideally is absent or is inadequate. Getting these artificial strands attached to the scalp is a tricky process and only experienced and skilled people should do it. Skilled personnel have an idea of what adhesive to use and also provide proper post Virgin human hair care advice to the client. The original as well as the attached locks of hair need a good amount of care and protection to stay for long and not cause any problem to the person wearing it.

The purpose of this article was also to explain the benefits of using Peruvian virgin human hair as extensions for any client all over the world. The main benefit of using this form of extension is that these strands are the least chemically treated and are purely natural human hair. They are not chemically processed or are not made out of synthetic fibre. Therefore, they are the best option for any scalp across the globe, low on maintenance and high on durability.


Apple idevices require careful handling especially when you are carrying your gadget. A majority of iPad users are unaware of the fact that their units are in danger of becoming redundant if they are not kept in an ideal iPad carrying case. Many cases are sold as idevice carriers in the open market but these are just bags and not idevice carriers. An idevice carry bag is one which can keep the iPad in horizontal position all the time. Ordinary bags are made for taking goods and not for carrying high end devices. If you are an kids ipad air caseuser then you should consider buying a carrying case for your unit. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JOYQAC0

iPad carrying case is a useful product for idevice users. Apple gadgets can do many things and for this reason idevice users always want to carry their units wherever they go. Apple gadgets are very delicate in nature hence they should be handled with care. An idevice is most unsafe when it is carried in pocket or in a regular bag. When you walk with your iPad in your pocket or bag, you make your idevice to brave shocks and jerks. These jerks are harmful for your unit as they can break the inner circuit of the idevice or loosen its various joints.

With iPad carrying case, there are no apprehensions of your unit being harmed or damaged by the jerks. With the case on your strong shoulders and the  IPAD AIR CASE FOR KIDS in the case, you can move swiftly and visit places. The carrying case comes with a removable strap that you attach or detach from the case according to your convenience. The case is strong enough to prevent moisture, dirt and dust from entering your unit. Also the case is soft enough to care for your expensive and delicate idevice. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MRRAYFK

Buy an iPad carrying case for your unit and take your gadget to places without any apprehension. Sunshine and grime that travel with air is the enemy of your idevice. Ultra violet rays of the sun can discolor the high end gadget and the grime can make it redundant if it is allowed to enter the device. Ideally you should keep your iPad into the carrying case when it is not in use. Take the gadget out of the case only when you want to use it. If you follow these steps then you will never need to repair your IPAD AIR CASE FOR KIDS.

About the Author

With a good experience in providing the users with the information on online providers of quality leather ipad case, the Beau LaBore has been dedicated to doing their job efficiently. The Beau LaBore has helped a lot to many physicians, appraisers and business professionals who carry ipad.For more information please visit iPad carrying case and Sherpa


The latest iPad Mini with Retina display is a real wonder and a relief for all those people that liked the original iPad but thought it was just too big for their needs. The Mini is much smaller and has got a very good resolution that displays everything with sharpness and quality. Because Apple is a premium brand, having an iPad itself has become a bit of a status symbol. Given that, protecting your Mini should be a top priority. But how do you select the best iPad Mini cases, which kind of case is right for you? These are important questions and we will try to provide some good answers in this article. Many IPAD MINI CASE FOR KIDS owners are very proud of their iPads and wish to protect them in cases and sleeves that are equally as beautiful as they are functional.

Like their Mini cousins, the ipad 4 case for kids  is also a bit of a status symbol and protecting yours from the rigors of daily life is just as important. As with the Mini, any iPad Air cases should be custom matched to the Air model and not a generic tablet case. Using a generic case will fit poorly and may severely compromise the protection provided. With so many new manufacturers making custom cases for the iPad Mini or Air, finding one should not be a problem. One company that has been making cases for Apple products longer than any other (they created the market back in 1999) is MacCase. They make an excellent assortment of both beautiful high end leather iPad Mini cases and iPad Air cases along with more budget friendly iPad cases that still provide exceptional protection. All are custom designed for specific iPad models. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGC4LWE

Like their iPad brethren, the MacBook Pro line of laptops are Apple's latest and greatest mobile computers. They represent a certain level of technological success and have prices to match. Protecting such a large investment in technology should be made with the same care that one's puts into choosing and spec'ing the computer itself. MacBook Pro cases are available in a wide variety of designs. You can choose from premium leather laptop cases that are MacBook Pro specific, in 11€, 13€, 15€ and even some older 17€ models. If leather is not what you'd like, there are MacBook Pro cases available in nylon, polyester and even canvas as well. While these do not always carry the say, level of status or prestige as a leather laptop case, depending on the design, they can still be quite elegant and functional. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JOYQAC0

With Apple making some of the most prestigious technology products, it is only fitting those customers who appreciate things like quality, craftsmanship, beauty and elegance will demand the same features in the kids ipad air case and MacBook Pro cases they choose. So whether is cases for the iPad Air, or iPad Mini, or a ne


More people are starting to take interest in the holders these days. As its name implies, a mount holder is used to secure different devices such as smart phones, tablets and DVD players in your car. Many car owners find these holders beneficial as they can hold costly gadgets in a secure manner. You will appreciate these mount holders even more if you are driving in rough terrain. These things now come in many different models. Here are some things that you should know about these very useful devices. ipad 5 case

In some cases, car owners simply use phone holders when traveling in their vehicles to hold their phone. Some car owners won't have any problems with these holders but those who own more expensive gadgets might want to go with these things that are more secure. This is why these particular things stand out against the usual phone holders. Car mount holders for portable devices are mostly made up of magnets. This makes it possible for the holders to secure the devices while on the drive. This is why these holders are also called magnetic mount holders. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MRRAYFK

The particular holders make it possible for car owners to position their devices on or near their car's dashboard, air vent and windshield. You won't have to lose focus while driving if you use these holders to hold your expensive devices for you. The chances of you getting into an accident will be a lot lesser if you use these car holders to secure your phone for you when talking and driving. In short, using these holders to secure your devices will be very safe in addition to being convenient. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGC4LWE

Some of the mount holder models come with placement positions that are very adjustable. Thanks to this, these mount holders can be used for gadgets of many different sizes. Some of the mount holders are made to hold specific gadgets. Car Holder made for Apple products are among these models. Most car holders for Apple products can hold both ipad air case models that are 9.7 inches and 7.9 inches wide.

Tablet Car Mount holders are made of magnets so they can also be placed in places aside from your vehicle. Some people even use these holders to secure their phone while they are working on something else in their office table. The uses of these mounted things are not only for the people that are driving but also for those who are not. If you are a passenger, these holders can hold your tablets for you for several purposes such as entertainment or work. You won't have to hold your gadgets using your hands or place it on your lap. They are actually make work and entertainment a lot ipad 4 case for kids during long drives.


Who Can Tell Me How To Find Chinese iTues & ipad air case & iPhone products?

You like to know the answer?. Many guys like buyonme cool gadgets and Dealextreme. Many customers want to purchase from a legit online store without scam, you must judge from the following factors:

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Repair Parts Replacement Glossy LCD Screen Cover for Apple 15" Macbook

THE-Yellow-Envelope Carrying Bag for Apple MacBook Air (12.7")

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BuyOnMe.com Reviews - Legit china-based gadgets stores with free shipping. Located in China, a wholesale e-commerce company named BuyOnMe.com was founded in 2007. The operating mode of it is different from Alibaba platform, DHgate platform, or Aliexpress platform. BuyOnMe.com itself is the seller who produces products such as: Cell Phones, Wedding Apparel, Electronics, Computers, and sells them instead of an e-commerce trading platform providing clients with products information and other services. If you search ""how to buy made in prc products"" in Google, you will find this store in the front to the searching results. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MRRAYFK

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In these days, we get more and more cool gadgets as gifts to our friend or relatives. Both the consuming behaviors and our everyday life are changed.


In the nearly century and a half since Thomas Edison first ran electricity through the world's first viable electrical light bulb, a lot has changed. Though not the first to run electricity through a fiber held within a vacuum to create light, Edison's bulb was the first to demonstrate the traits of longevity, efficiency and the ability to be reproduced at a cost point which would make it accessible to the average American family. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JOYQAC0

Following this breakthrough, the challenge became finding a method for providing homes across the country with the electricity to power this new invention, as well as the myriad other electrical appliances which followed afterward. In a shockingly small period of time, electricity was as all-pervading in the average home as was running water; possibly even more so.

Electricity spread rapidly until it was found in virtually every American home and shortly thereafter followed radio, then television and other inventions emblematic of the modern age came into being. However, many present day technophiles, and who knows, maybe many future historians as well, would consider all this a mere preamble to the device which promises to replace almost all of them: the ipad 5 case, and more recently, the IPAD 4 CASE. In the off chance that you've been living on the moon or under a log in a remote northern forest somewhere, the iPad 2 is Apple's tablet PC, a wonder of state of the art touch-screen technology that defies classification, at least with regard to any currently existing class. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K7WPCV8

The Apple iPad 2 truly is in a class by itself, though there have of course been numerous competing tablet-type devices brought to the market in recent months. But for those who buy kids ipad air case, there's rarely any buyer remorse or looking back. Apple's entry truly is the first, and best, of all tablet PCs on the market.

First off, the iPad handles most functions of a regular laptop or desktop computer, though through a touch-screen interface rather than through a mouse or keyboard. For those who do a great deal of writing, however, several keyboard options are available for the iPad, the best of which is a keyboard that actually folds over the iPad's screen, forming a sturdy aluminum travel case.

Numerous other devices also can be replaced with the iPad, including the radio; copious programs, or "aps" are available that allow the iPad to function as a radio, often playing songs or programs selected by the user, rather than whatever happens to be "on the air," as is the case with conventional radio. The device also functions as an mp3 player, a video console and more.

Should Edison ever witness the culmination that his original electrical device has taken us, even he might be amazed.


Everyone is drooling at the latest ipad 5 case that has rocked the market but the intelligent user is looking ahead than just the gadget. Smart users know the importance of iPad Cases for their. You may think that the case will hide the beauty of your gadget but your perception is wrong. Just look what an iPad case does to protect your devise. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JOYQAC0

A case would protect your iPad from getting scratches, gathering dust and collecting fine particles that may cause harm to your investment. It prevents moisture from entering into the iPad and thus enhances its life. When kept in a case, the devise is secure from the various gases present in the air. If kept in a case, the ipad air case will never lose its gloss or shine. Every time you will drag out the gadget, you will find it as sparkling as it were a new piece.

If it is fashion in your mind then never mind as today's cases are designed to match every dress. Once you have a look at the colors and styles of the cases, you will certainly like to buy them at the first instance. The cases are made with your convenience in mind so you can conveniently carry your iPad to places without any hassle. In real, a case is your assistant which keeps your devise safe from the clutches of bad elements of the nature.

There are many iPad Cases available in the market and you can choose one which best suits your work conditions. The waterproof case is for those, who spend most of their time on beach or near swimming pool. If your office is located close to the beach then this case is for you. It provides best defense against unwanted liquid spills. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LGC4LWE

Those who are always on the go should buy sleeveless case. Just slip in and slip out your unit and leave the rest of the task on your case. It will shield your unit from dirt, scratches, bumps and fingerprints. Carrying case is referred to as messenger bag just because the case looks and also functions partly as a bag. Carrying case is generally bigger than other kinds hence provides more space for keeping connection kit, USB power adaptor etc. etc.

iPad Cases are very useful, if you own a gadget. IPAD 4 CASE is a costly equipment which needs to be cared otherwise you are going to lose your investment soon.

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